The Genius of God


The title sounds obvious…a “no brainer”! Everything in creation points to that. He simply spoke and the worlds were created and He spoke again and day and night was divided. He spoke again and the seas and land were settled. He spoke yet again and the seas were filled with all manner of life and animals of every species began to walk the earth and fly above it. But before He rested, He created man.


Humankind was not spoken into existence, but handcrafted. That alone makes us unique and sets us apart from all of Creation. I think it clearly points to a purpose and a plan.

It can only make sense He had a plan for when man would fall. So throughout the Old Testament He began to give hints about the plan, clues that were followed by prophecy after prophecy of the Savior that would come when a part of Him, Jesus, would come in human form to give us all a chance to see and understand the truth. Amazingly, He came with a clear purpose to die. Even though He made that clear to His disciples and those who heard Him speak, they could not believe that was God’s answer for the dilemma mankind faced after falling in Eden.


So many who heard the prophecies and followed the clues did not even recognize He actually had come. They were looking for a King, not a baby born in some barn to an ordinary young couple of that day. That made no sense. Or did it? Was that the evidence of God knowing those who would see and choose Him despite the paradox of His lowly state?

The short three years of the ministry of Jesus were a combination of power-packed messages and miracles and hanging out with those closest to Him. Sometimes that smaller group was eating, other times fishing, and sometimes just walking together. That group who observed Him the most still could not fathom the genius of God that would come from the horrors of crucifixion on the tortuous cross that would conquer death and our sin. Nor could anyone explain the genius of a resurrection that was unheard of or that He appeared to His disciples after that, just showing up in their midst or walking along the dusty road to Emmaus.


I am sure that many had thought that now was the time to set up that kingdom after this miracle of miracles. So many had seen Him die, but to now be alive was the perfect way to start a kingdom, right? No, that wasn’t the genius of God or His plan.

God knew that those who had never chosen His Son would oppose those disciples who did. He also knew of people beyond the confines of the Middle East and His grand plan was to reach them all. One man who was resurrected in time and space could not be in all the places He wanted to reach. So He gave the third part of Him, the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit could indwell the heart of each believer and take up residence in each soul and spirit.

The genius of God was that He made Himself mobile!

As persecution drove the believers to far corners of the world, the Holy Spirit relocated with them, in them. Over time and centuries the seed was carried to places some of us have never heard of. Where there were groups of believers they first gathered around fires, in tents, in huts, and homes, but then as time passed buildings/churches were built for a place to gather and that continues to this day.


But the genius of God is that He requires no building. He has never resided in a building. Wherever any one of us goes who is called by His name, He goes. He created a global network long before satellites and cell towers were even conceived.

And guess what? The genius of God has a plan and purpose for each of us, His disciples and ambassadors.

When you look around and see the chaos, look at the evidence of His clear plans and purposes through the ages. Look at the clues and prophecy about His return for those of us called by His name. Don’t fear.

He is a genius after all and He’s got this!!

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4 thoughts on “The Genius of God

  1. “He created a global network long before satellites and cell towers were even conceived.” Amen! His global network amazes me continually. The way He weaves His people together with such care and intricacy is for our growth and His glory!

  2. Amen, what a powerful and thought provoking message. I read lots, and I mean lots of posts and this one had me riveted to my chair and I am not sure how to respond properly to your post. Please know that you have touched me and given me a lot to ponder and reflect on. Thank you so much sharing your link with us at #263 SSPS Linky. Please check back weekly to see if featured on the blog post or by any co-hosts.

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