Bring Me a Vision

A Story of Redeeming Hope

By Pam Ecrement with Becky Moreland

Bring Me A Vision is the true story of a woman whose life was broken in childhood, shattered by repeated abuse and emotional neglect, marked by loneliness and disappointment, and scarred by shame and darkness. It tells what happens when one woman becomes a vessel of grace and mercy that opens the door of salvation to this crumpled woman, and ultimately extends light and love to her children. But the Lord also has a vision for this redeemed woman that leads her to found a ministry that reaches out to help hundreds women and teens who are victims of sexual trafficking. It is a story of redeeming hope shining light on the love of an extraordinary God.

Bring Me a Vision
Bring Me a Vision

Pam Ecrement is a retired clinical counselor who was involved in ministry for 25 years. Retirement opened the opportunity for her to step into her love of writing that began with creating her website, A New Lens, in 2015. When the Lord put this book on her heart, it challenged her to step out to risk a vision of her own to write a book. This book is one that is very personal for Pam as she shares this powerful testimony of a woman she has known and loved for more than 20 years. Her love of the Lord, time with her husband, two married children, and six grandchildren are central. When she is not with them or writing, she loves photography, reading, traveling, music, and movi

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