The Trees Are Waking Up

Photo by Pam Ecrement

In “The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers”, Legolas speaks to Gimli about the trees of Fangorn Forest waking up. How much our family loves this trilogy of movies!

I don’t live in Fangorn Forest and I am fairly certain our trees do not speak to each other, but at long last spring has steadily and slowly arrived and the trees indeed are waking up.

I love the word picture of trees awakening. It can be easy to see the trees as dead after autumn in the Midwest and other parts of the country that enjoy all four seasons. They are not dead at all, but only asleep, in a state of dormancy, conserving their resources. The Lord created them to temporarily stop growth, development, and physical activity to conserve energy. One of the reasons their leaves drop in the fall is so fewer parts of the tree need nourishment.

Photo by Pam Ecrement

God has designed them so incredibly that they actually change their membranes on the surface areas so that water migrates from inside the cells to the spaces between the cells. This makes them more pliable. Then, as the trees convert starches to sugar in the fall, these sugars act in the same capacity as antifreeze, lowering the overall freezing point of the trees.

How marvelous are His works! What a Creator He is!

If He has so carefully designed the mechanisms of the trees to withstand the harsh winds and temperatures of winter, how could we ever be tempted to doubt His provision for us during the harsh seasons of our lives?

Everywhere we look, He reminds us that He has and is providing for us. We can look at the tree as provision for its beauty, its fruit, its shade, or its wood, but it often goes without notice of the provision for the tree in order for it to provide all of those things.

Photo by Pam Ecrement

There is a truth there. His provision comes layer upon layer in intricate detail. That provision may seem scarce or non-existent even as the trees appear dead in winter, but the Lord has not forgotten.

The last few days I have been able to enjoy walks where the Lord has been drawing my eyes to the evidences of His creation being summoned to awaken. The steadily increasing warmth of the days and the lengthening hours of light are nudges to the trees to awaken even though an unseasonable few warm days early can fool the trees.

Light. How key it is to everything!

Trees and plants of all kind need light to be fruitful.


We, too, need light to bring us out of the darkness, to awaken us into life.

We need ongoing light for growth and fruitfulness.

We need the Light of the World!

I can only imagine what it will be like when the Light of the World returns and awakens this world!  Then we will truly behold Him and see the whole of what we cannot see now.

Grapes , Yellowstone
Photo by Pam Ecrement

9 thoughts on “The Trees Are Waking Up

  1. We love the Lord of the Rings too Pam! And as I was reading I thought of the trees awakening in ‘Narnia – Prince Caspian’ & delivering the message in ‘Narnia – Lion, Witch & the Wardrobe’.

    It appears every spring they are still delivering the message of God’s restoration & rejuvenation. 🙂
    Blessings, Jennifer

    1. So true! Love that we share a love of the same movies, my friend!

      They still are delivering!💕

  2. The earth is more alive than ever this season! Love the lovely blooms and the promise of a new beginning. Fresh start for everyone. Beautiful photos here, Pam. 🙂

  3. Hi Pam! I can visualize your words and see similar things coming alive in my own Midwest city. It is glorious to watch the world come alive again after a long winter. I pray you are ding well friend!

    1. Ah, yes, I think I recall you are another Buckeye. It is indeed glorious to watch. It’s been more of a challenge since October since Influenza A then and late December the fall on my face on black ice accident. God has been faithful but still dealing with some aftermath from both.💕

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