Stay Tuned…

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For those who follow me regularly or visit often and have missed my posts, I wanted to be in touch to say I will have more to share in a couple of weeks. Travel home after Christmas resulted in an accident with me falling on black ice flat on my face. The story of how God’s presence was there in the midst despite trauma and oral surgery with more to come is one I hope will bless your hearts. In the meantime, your prayers for healing and all in the steps ahead will be gratefully appreciated.

Many blessings on each of you in your journey. Keep looking for God in unusual ways. Don’t miss his constant presence with you,

14 thoughts on “Stay Tuned…

  1. Oh, Pam, I am so sorry to read about your fall! I’m definitely keeping you in my prayers. Also praying for your travel to Texas. I live in Texas, and I hope you enjoy your visit and the wedding!

    1. Thanks so much. Austin is the place we will head. I am quite limited in what I can eat so prayers about that as well.💕

    1. Thanks so much, Mary. Prayers also for more travel this week.Oral surgeon said it was okay but will not be easy for many reasons including what I can and cannot yet. Our oldest grandson is getting married in TX next Sunday and we are driving to MD to travel with him and our daughter’s family. Crazy? Maybe, but as a grandmother yourself I am sure you understand the decision. Blessings on your kindness and prayers.💕

  2. Prayers and continued blessings as you travel to Md and Tx and on the roads of 2023. He is with you in all things, and I pray you can feel his warm arms of support surrounding you, Gene and all the family. Love yo, Friend

    1. Thanks so much, old friend! It’s been a real for sure and your visit on Saturday was a blessing and your prayers over the rest of this time are deeply appreciated.♥️

    1. Thanks Chris. Please include our travel this week by car and flight to TX for our oldest grandson’s wedding.

  3. Dear Pastor Pam – you are definitely in my prayers and my heart. Your posts are both inspirational and thought provoking. I pray that you are surrounded and enfold in our great GOD’s almighty comfort and care and always HIS love.

    1. Thanks so much Denise. In the midst of that we are traveling by car and flight to TX this week for or oldest grandson’s wedding so prayers for that would be deeply appreciated.

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