Would They Recognize Him Now? Would We?


Jesus had been in their midst for three years. They had watched Him heal the sick. They had watched Him feed the 5,000 and the 4,000. They had seen Him send the moneychangers fleeing from the temple, but was He the king they had been looking for?

There were doubts here and there because He did not appear as royalty. He had no kingly trappings. He had not gathered an army to stop Roman domination. Could this truly be the Messiah?

God had used many things to confirm the Old Testament prophecies about Jesus. Somehow doubt lingered, but then on Palm Sunday He gave them another image unlike the others and they quickly responded in their behavior even though days later their hearts would be far from Him.

The ride into Jerusalem on a donkey fulfilled one more prophecy from Zechariah. He came on a lowly donkey, not in a chariot with runners ahead clearing the way and bidding people to bow.

He had always walked among them so this scene (so modest in many ways) still became a triumphal entry which abruptly caused those watching to cut palm fronds and throw them on the path before Him and wave them in the air, saluting Him with shouts of “Hosanna”!

It was a day of great joy and celebration at the outset of what would be a dark and tragic week.

It was also a day that points to the changeableness of the human mind and heart. It paradoxically points to the very reason He would be put to death later in the week and why His death would be necessary to pay for the sinful condition of humanity.

How could they have forgotten so easily what they had witnessed with their own eyes, heard with their own ears?

This pivotal week in the Christian faith stirs many emotions and thoughts. We look back and consider, but do we also take note of the now and the not yet?

Do we now recognize how tepid our own responses to Him can be and where He fits into the priorities of our life?

Do less committed brothers and sisters around us cause us to pursue a more casual relationship with Him and easily sway us?

Are we tempted to lay aside His principles, and truths for a more popular path?

Would we prefer an easy stroll behind Him rather than walking with Him?

I don’t think that most of us ever plan to do any of those things.

But ANY relationship left unattended falls into disrepair and distance.

The crowd saluting Him would be influenced by their priests to deny what they had seen for themselves. It is an important reminder of personal accountability for our relationship with Him and the need not to allow others to deter us from what our hearts have responded to and confirmed.

Photo by Daniel Spase from Pexels

What about Palm Sunday reminds us of the “not yet”?

As we look back and take note and learn, we also should remember to look forward to the next time He will arrive in Jerusalem in triumph. He will come as risen Lord and King. Will we be ready to ride with Him? Will He find us steadfast and unwavering?

Many places in scripture point to that “not yet” in the future. One that speaks to me as I close this is from Phil. 2:9-11:

“Therefore, God has highly exalted him and bestowed on him the name that is above every name, so that every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.”

Phil. 2:9-11 (ESV)

Let us look back and celebrate, take stock of our hearts now, and prepare for the greater celebration yet to come when our voices join in Hosanna to the King!


16 thoughts on “Would They Recognize Him Now? Would We?

  1. Very powerful message and post, Pam. I was really struck by your reference to “the changeableness of the human mind and heart”. How true is that in all things? Thanks for sharing your post and linking with me.


    1. Thank you! I think you are right…changeableness is not relegated to one or two areas and I think it can be good or not good on the front end. Even so God can use it to open our eyes to grow us up.😊🌷

  2. Powerful thoughts, Pam. I hope my heart earnestly cries, “Hosanna in the Highest” not only for holy week or special celebrations, but all year long and I pray daily!

  3. “Would we prefer an easy stroll behind Him rather than walking with Him?”

    That line made me stop and think about my own relationship with Jesus. Of course, I prefer to walk WITH Him, but it is easy to sometimes slip back into the path behind Him. We need to be intentional about nurturing our relationship with the Lord and also with others.

    Thank you for giving us good questions to consider.

  4. Pam, the reminder of the result of a neglected relationship is so striking. I must ask myself , “do I prefer a casual stroll behind Him or actually walking with Him.” Good words to ponder, thank you!

  5. “But ANY relationship left unattended falls into disrepair and distance.” So true, and that definitely applies to our relationship with the Lord, too. Thanks for this reminder to take stock of our hearts, Pam!

  6. “ANY relationship left unattended falls into disrepair and distance.” This stuck out to me so much. I know it wasn’t the point of the whole post, but it was what I needed to remember!

  7. Thank you for this always needed reminder to examine our own response to the King! How easy it is to let time with Him slip in our priorities and to begin to mirror our culture, even if in subtle ways.

    1. When I sense the Lord’s direction for a post, it’s always my reminder or challenge or exhortation first😊

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