Standing on Tiptoes

Photo by Valeriia Miller from Pexels


I remember so well that day some years ago when I walked down the hall at the hospital holding my grandson’s hand. What excitement and anticipation I was feeling as we went to look at his new little sister on the other side of the glass!


All the bassinets were lined up in a row facing the glass so that everyone could get a better look at these new little ones. We had both seen her the previous day, but we were back for another visit to continue to get acquainted with this new little lady with the dark hair and round cheeks.adorable-baby-cute-64242


As we stood there, my grandson inched up closer on tiptoes, holding onto the ledge at the front of the window watching his new sister as she lay sleeping. He wanted to see as much as he could even though he could not yet imagine how this sleeping beauty would change his world.


No matter what our age, there are times we all stand on our tiptoes. Most of the time, we do so because we want to be certain not to miss something, something very special.


I remember standing on tiptoes to see Santa Claus at a Christmas parade, to reach a particular book on the library shelf, to catch a glimpse of a bird’s nest resting on a tree branch near my front porch.


I also remember standing on tiptoes to give someone I love a kiss, to watch my children march into our local high school stadium for graduation, and to catch the first glimpse of the plane that carried my husband back home after fourteen months in a war zone.



When I stand on tiptoes, my heart flutters with expectation at seeing or experiencing something special that I do not want to miss. I wait for a first glimpse, a first touch, and a first sound. Everything else in my life gets suspended as I push the pause button to experience this moment. All my focus strains forward.


As I read the gospels, so often Jesus was followed or surrounded by large crowds. Certainly, many stood on tiptoes to see Him better, to hear Him more clearly, to discover who this man was, to not miss this moment. He was right there. They could see Him and hear Him. There were many who touched Him. Some came to know Him.


Even though I was not in the crowd then, I came to know Him also. Jesus is not here in person, but I read about the promise of His return.


Am I standing on tiptoes looking for Him, listening for His voice, anticipating His return?


He lives within my heart.


Each day I seek to sense His voice within me to live the day as He would want, but too often the tasks of the day dull my senses to the anticipation and excitement of seeing Him return, of hearing His voice audibly, of seeing the look in His eyes.


Today as I recalled that day at the nursery window with my grandson, I felt a flutter inside and realized that I want to be standing on tiptoes filled with anticipation when He returns. I don’t want to miss a thing about that moment!


What about you?


Are you standing on tiptoes?


What are you anticipating?


What do you want to see and hear?


Are you listening?



9 thoughts on “Standing on Tiptoes

  1. I want to be standing on tip toes too. This was so delightful to read. My heart is a fluttering in eagerness to meet Jesus face to face. Maree

    1. I am so glad, Maree! I heard someone say recently they are listening for the sound of the trumpet more than ever before!😊

  2. Oh, I too want to be standing on tiptoes – when He returns and as I begin each new day with Him! What a beautiful picture!!

  3. Standing on tiptoes is my everyday anticipation, tiptoes brings excitement as I wake up to a new day of his mercies, waking up from a quiet and restful night’s sleep, and rushing to my secret place to be with him, to hear his voice in the quiet still morning as the sun rises, and the light of the sunshine shines bright. I love to anticipate and I love to stand on my tippy toes just to hear from him, see Him in Scriptures and experience His love for me each and every new morning I rise and awaken to see where he takes me as I journey in this life. His peace, love and direction is beyond measure and always willing to take me to new heights in Him.

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