Are You A Game Changer?



I can almost hear you saying, “Who me?” as you read this title. Then after the question comes those other things so many of us say – “I am just a …” or “I am not…” But if we say that (I can be tempted too.), we are missing the big picture truth.


Today as I was reading a note in my study Bible, I read this fabulous sentence:


“…everyday faithfulness by ordinary people can, by God’s grace, change history forever.”


The note was connected to 1 Samuel 1 and the example was Hannah (future mother of Samuel, the prophet) who was just a wife and a woman dealing with the agony of barrenness crying out to God in the midst of her situation not once or twice but repeatedly.


If you know the story at all you know that God answered and gave her a baby boy, Samuel, who would be a major prophet in Israel and anoint its first two kings, Saul and David. Can you imagine waiting for a child and then dedicating that child back to the Lord after he was weaned? I am sad to say I cannot. Her faithfulness and God’s response results in her taking Samuel to minister in the Lord’s Temple for the rest of his life.


That faithfulness is then rewarded with more children – three sons and two daughters.


Hannah is not the first person you might think of when you reflect on stories in the Bible, but she was a game changer for sure. Her faithfulness changed the course of history. So did the choices of Rahab despite not being a member of the tribe of Israel. She too became a game changer and her life was spared as a result.


It doesn’t take a long time in reading the Bible to discover a lot of the game changers that altered history are not all the big-name folks that immediately come to mind.


Why is that important?


As the world around us is reeling and fear seeks to overwhelm us, sending us shrinking into a corner until this crisis passes, the Lord is looking for ordinary people whose “everyday faithfulness” change history right now. That may not be on the world stage and may receive no accolades, but it matters to the Lord and also to what He may lead you to be during this time.


I know you are hearing many ideas being offered about this very thing and they are good. Even so, that place of “everyday faithfulness” you may be called to might look quite different. Right now, we are scattered rather than together in one place or another and that opens endless possibilities to the Lord and can help us keep our perspective in alignment.


One small light in a dark place can create an incredible amount of light.


“Everyday faithfulness by ordinary people can, by God’s grace, change history forever.”





3 thoughts on “Are You A Game Changer?

  1. Such a powerful message! I am choosing to remain faithful and trust the process as we move through this crisis mode. This is not a time for resistance or rebellion but absolutely a test of faith and perseverance and being kinder and more loving to others than we ever have before. There are a million lessons to be learned here. I just hope that we can collectively learn them. Keep sharing your light with the world!


  2. I will admit, it seems hard to associate “every day faithfulness” with “big game changer” – but I do believe God honors faithfulness. Powerful reflections and Bible stories to reflect on – thanks for the encouragement!!

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