Rooted Peace



One day you realize that your boss knows that you may know more than you should. You also feel uneasy around him and wonder if he is far too obsessed with you. Things are making you more and more restless.


Sometimes when the job you’ve been working at turns out to be one that crosses the line ethically, it nudges you to chart a new course even though the issues do not stem from you. That’s what Emmaline Bradshaw knows she needs to do even though her parents will never understand the decision to leave the position her college career pointed her to. But leaving would be the hardest thing to do when all she had ever done was try to please them even when it meant a career path that wasn’t her own dream.


Her new course takes her hundreds of miles away to Sandy Creek, Tennessee, where she has signed a contract for a “fixer-upper” while she lives off her severance pay and looks for a new job.


What she isn’t prepared for is dealing with a “fixer-upper” far beyond her skill and budget that sets up what looks like a defeat to follow her own dreams.


Emmaline also isn’t prepared for the gracious kindness of Mr. and Mrs. Summers who have rented her the house. Their warmth, grace, and interest in her are a sharp contrast to her distant relationship with her parents.


This kind of relationship leaves her feeling uncertain of how to respond, but that isn’t new to her. She knows relationships have never been a strong suite of hers.


Another relationship challenge develops when she meets Ashton, the son of her landlords. She is attracted to him the first time they meet, but Ashton, a Marine Corps veteran, will add to her uncertainty as he struggles to come to grips with his PTSD by returning to his hometown and family.


Rooted Peace by M.E. Weyerbacher will quickly catch you up in the story line centered on the Summers’ family, Emmaline, and the people from the small town of Sandy Creek Tennessee. Page by page you will see how each of the main characters discovers that faith can chart the course in their uncertain futures.


As the stories intertwine, Emmaline will find love she never thought would come to her. She would discover its power in a myriad of ways.


“Loved proved it had no prerequisites.

Love said, “I get it.”

Love showed up.

Love locked arms.

Love listened without answers.

Love didn’t give up when ganged up on by past and present forces — but instead leaned into the hard folds, sharing its very oxygen with the weak.

Love was full of plot twists, ducking and flipping when unnecessary, clutching on for dear life when everything else

slipped away in the current.”

If you enjoy a good story about overcoming love, this novel by Meghan Weyerbacher might be a good choice to add to your reading list.




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  1. Oh dear, you’ve already hooked me. Now I need to read it 🙂
    Thank you for sharing your book review on Create, Bake, Grow & Gather this week.
    Have a great week 🙂

    1. It is and I wanted to support Meghan. She sent me a copy asking for my suggestions a few weeks ago…I sent those when I finished reading, but wanted to bless her with a little exposure by posting a review even though she didn’t ask😊

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