The Third Jihad


The Third Jihad by Dr. Michael Youssef is an illuminating book that moves beyond the headlines of the day and political narratives to the history of jihad and its progression to the present day. The historical, geographical, philosophical, political, and religious history is clearly outlined from Dr. Youseef whose background as a Coptic Christian offers valuable insights.

Dr. Youssef asserts The Third Jihad has already begun, but in many ways we do not recognize since it moves beyond a holy war conducted with terror and violence into many contexts and areas of influence via stealth and intimidation. He reminds us jihad is a centuries old war. In America John Adams knew the war through the tactics of the Barbary pirates.

The Third Jihad denotes differences within the Muslim or Islamic world succinctly when he writes:

“There is a distinction between Islam and Islamism, between moderate Muslims and Islamists. Though all Islamists are Muslims, not all Muslims are Islamists.”


 The world was shocked on 9/11 when planes flew into the World Trade Center towers in New York City, the Pentagon in Washington DC, and a field in Shanksville, PA. What is less evident to most people living in Western civilization is what Dr. Youssef describes as a “cultural jihad” that “seeks to use our Western laws, our freedoms, and our compassion against us.”

This book highlights the misconceptions about what fuels jihad and why the subtle cultural strategies, propaganda and legal manipulation in Western countries are making unnoticed gains that can be greater than violence that creates fear.

“Terrorism is not the enemy. Terrorism is a tactic. The real enemy is Islamist ideology” according to the author.

The impact of terrorism has been felt around the world in diverse places since The First Jihad that began around 622 until 751. The goal of jihad to conquer the Western civilizations has been notably advanced by the decline of the church and the body of Christ in Europe where empty churches have become mosques.

Dr. Youssef gives a sobering assessment of the risk to America in this statement from the book:

“When the collapse of America comes, it will catch most Americans by surprise. It will seem to happen suddenly, without warning − but in fact the slow crumbling of America’s moral and spiritual foundation is already well underway.”


 The Third Jihad asserts the antidote will come when Christian believers show more evidence of being salt and light. Dr. Youssef’s book calls the church to prayer for revival and an awakening similar to what occurred through Jonathan Edwards, George Whitefield and John Wesley.

Dr. Youssef makes a sobering statement:

“Unless there is a genuine revival throughout our civilization, we are going to lose our liberty. Look at history. Whenever the church lost its vision, its sense of biblical authority, its sense of urgency for preaching the uncompromised gospel of Jesus Christ, the result was a spiritual vacuum. When there is a spiritual vacuum, you can count on one thing: Something will rush in to fill it.”


 In the end, The Third Jihad points to this: “For Christians, the real battlefield is spiritual. The real jihad is a battle for the control of our wills, our minds, our emotions, our souls. The real enemy, the real terrorist, the most dangerous jihadist we face is Satan himself, and if he can immobilize us with terror, he wins.”


This book will be released March 5. It is an important and significant book for our time. I believe it is a call to awaken the body of Christ in these times to what the Lord entrusted to us as believers as our calling before He returns.

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