Looking for Fingerprints




Our weeks are often a mixture of assorted tasks and projects sprinkled with time with family and friends and seasoned with God’s grace. In the midst of the week, we may often not sense a clear revelation of God’s plan or purpose as we go about doing those things right in front of us.


Sometimes we miss it because we are not looking for it.



Sometimes we miss it because it is right in front of us and our eyes skip right over it.


Sometimes we miss it because the internal chatter that goes on nearly continuously has distracted us from subtle ways He is speaking or moving.


Sometimes we miss it because it is not the message or response we desire.


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Other times we see the Lord’s hand so clearly, it is like rays of sun piercing through the clouds and grabbing our attention and awe. We are clear on His purpose and His intervention with us is as obvious as the HOLLYWOOD sign on the California hillside that most of us would recognize.


Recently I had a mishmash week where different parts of my life and world seemed to collide and left me feeling less steady without any particular reason. I could chalk it up to several nights of restless sleep or travel in a car for ten hours. If I wanted to go down rabbit trails looking for reasons, I could do that but it would still not change the sense of being less oriented.


Perhaps it was just the reality of life, a life far from Eden where I was intended to live.


If I turn my reflections to the many trips to the mountains of Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, and Alberta, Canada, the scene changes. These are places I love because I seem to sense the Lord’s presence in the midst of His creation so very clearly.


In those places the magnificence of the mountain ranges, peak upon peak frosted with PPP 044snow, the gurgling sound of streams racing over rocks, and the stunning teal shades of glacial lakes cannot help but humble me as I view what surrounds me. The rocky trails through cedars, aspens, fir, spruce, and narrow leaf cottonwood arouse my senses with fragrance and symmetry that I somehow miss as I walk in my neighborhood or gaze at the trees in my backyard. All of these things are giving me the BIG HD picture and surround sound experience.


These trips have also illuminated something else. As I have looked through the lens of my camera, I have discovered small splashes of color tucked into sandy arid soil and mountain crevasses. These varying hues from small flowers of assorted shades and types are not always noticed or seen when so many large things capture my attention.


Yet, these are the very things that bring a smile to my face as they show the paradox of creation in the midst of the granite peaks surrounding me. They remind me to watch for small things, small surprises and delights planted throughout this world.



My children used to tease me about stopping so often to take yet another flower picture, trying to capture something of the wonder I felt as I discovered it. I seemed to be the catalyst for slowing the pace on the trail, as I would glimpse a columbine, wild strawberry, lupine or berry that I could not recognize.


Barbara Brown Taylor brought these reflections into sharper focus as she wrote these words in Gospel Medicine,


 “Sometimes the work of God’s hand is so evident that you can see it a mile away and sometimes you have to dust for fingerprints.”


Be looking for Him this week.  He’s there.  He’s here.


Discover Him.  He wants you to know Him.


You may find Him in places you would never expect.


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20 thoughts on “Looking for Fingerprints

  1. What a beautiful, thought-provoking post, Pam! I totally agree, sometimes I can see God so clearly in things, and other times it’s like a slow realisation that he is there behind the scenes. I love the metaphor of ‘looking for fingerprints’ and the quote from Barbara Brown Taylor too. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful post with us at the Hearth and Soul Link Party. Wishing you a blessed week!

  2. Yes, it’s so easy to get busy going from one thing to another that we forget to look right in front of us and miss some of what God has prepared for us. Blessings to you, Pam. Thanks for sharing with us at the #lMMLlinkup.

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