The Empowered



Trevor Black’s reputation for unusual gifts in identifying the dark side of the spiritual realm sets the stage for a request to investigate a mysterious voodoo death in Washington DC. The twists and turns of the investigation is the theme of Craig Parshall’s newest book, The Empowered.


Trevor’s life has been more than a little adventurous after he was disbarred as an attorney, but his faith in Christ and his gifts of discernment of the evil that lurks in the midst of the tangible world opens doors to be a light in the darkness.


The newest assignment happens in the midst of getting acquainted with his adult daughter, Heather. Trevor had hoped for a chance to explain his surprise to learn of her existence and hear more about her own story, but the urgent call he receives to help uncover the shadowy empire lurking in the midst of the death in Washington DC cannot be ignored.


Heather decides to accompany him when he leaves his North Carolina island home to begin the investigation. Trevor agrees somewhat reluctantly given her lack of faith. As the story unfolds, Heather becomes an assistant and uses her graduate school research skills to help while Trevor keeps a close eye out for her safety.


His concern is warranted when she comes up missing while they are in New Orleans and he is being interrogated for a staged murder in his hotel room.


Their investigation has confirmed the connection with voodoo to the death in Washington DC, but also uncovered a human trafficking ring that extends around the world.


Trevor becomes aware this is a higher level of evil activity than he has experienced previously and that he will need to rely on the Lord as never before if he is to uncover the truth and protect his daughter from being a target.


This latest fiction work reflects the real world truth of human trafficking around the globe that enslaves forty-six million people and also the “dark web” that feeds and sustains this industry. This “underbelly” of the Internet reportedly attracts 2.5 million visitors a day.


Most significant, however, is how Craig Parshall spotlights the truth of the two invisible kingdoms surrounding us, one of darkness and one of light, that we as believers can often forget.


As the world around us appears to become more dangerous and unpredictable each day, this spotlight is an important message for Christians to awaken to the real source of the division, chaos, and mayhem that is afoot. It is also time to awaken (as Trevor did) to our responsibility as “light bearers” in the midst of darkness.


To comply with new regulations introduced by the Federal Trade Commission, Tyndale House Publishers provided me with a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my review.







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    1. It is indeed sobering and some may not like seeing the darkness Craig writes about that so much reflects the truth of what is swirling around us. I will be in touch soon to update you! Love and hugs, dear friend💕

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