Christmas Morn



And so it has come…


Whether you have a large Christmas tree, a small one, or none at all, Christmas has still come.


Whether you have heaps of gifts, just a few gifts, or none at all to unwrap, Christmas has still come.


Whether you are filled with joy, or alone and grieving, Christmas has still come.


The best gift needed no tree, but died on one so you can receive the gift of eternal life with Him.


He simply loved you that much! It had nothing to do with who you were or where you were from, whether you were rich or poor, educated or illiterate.


On this day we celebrate the birth of Jesus,


He brings you the gift of new life in Him, with Him. He wants to dwell in your heart and walk with you through life’s ups and downs. All He asks is that you open your heart and receive Him.


When you are given a gift, your part is to open and receive it.


I have so much enjoyed sharing His story, the Christmas story, with you these last few weeks. I pray the Lord allowed you to sense Him in a special way through the retelling of the story.


Merry Christmas! Shalom!

3 thoughts on “Christmas Morn

  1. Dear Friend, I hope that your celebration was all joy and laughter and affection … and that you’ll find it continuing right into the new year.

    Bless you, dear …

  2. Merry Christmas Pam! Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with all of us. What a blessing you are!

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