Opening the pages of Fiercehearted: Live Fully, Love Bravely by Holley Gerth will take you on a journey with Holley through some of the most challenging, exciting, and delightful stories of her journey in life. In the midst of her stories, you will discover a thread that links every woman to her story. That thread is the reality of the doubts, uncertainties, disappointments, and fears that each of us meets along the way that cause us to question whether we are “enough”. But Holley will also help each woman recognize despite everything, God has created her to be fiercehearted.


That truth about fierceheartedness cannot help but encourage any woman who experiences Holley’s tender heart and vulnerability as she drops the mask of what she might think we believe she should be and discover the beauty of who God created her to be.


Some of her sentences are the kind you want to tape to your vanity mirror to read every day. Here is just one example:


Let’s be women who know we are not eye candy but works of art, not stereotypes but strong forces, not role-players but world shapers.”


It’s true that each of us is unique, but that can cause us to often believe we are the only ones who have felt what we feel. After all, so many others look like they have it all together. Holley’s words and insights remind us that even though each of us is unique, there are many things we share as women including the way the enemy assaults our hearts. She reminds us: “Let’s be unexpected warriors, love ninjas, secret agents of grace in the kitchens and the boardrooms and by the swings on the playground. They’ll never see us coming.”


So often we are bombarded with messages of all we need to be or should be and soon we carry a list of things that we believe we must accomplish. The list is longer than any human can achieve and when we mess up, we berate ourselves and insist we simply didn’t try hard enough. At such times, Holley prompts us to remember: “Let’s be gentle with each other and ourselves, tender toward our failures. It can be an act of worship to remember we are only human, not God after all.”


This latest book of Holley’s was released on October 3, but as a part of her book launch team I was blessed to receive a copy several weeks ago. Her words make me smile, brought tears to my eyes, and left me pondering. As I read and sipped my coffee, I found many things to underline and journal about. This is a book I don’t think you’ll want to miss!


10 thoughts on “Fiercehearted

  1. Holley’s words are like vibrant blessings, strong benedictions over us. Her words equip us and challenge us to reach higher, farther, closer to Christ.

    And hers is the one weekly linkup I always go to. A wonderful community filled with thoughtful writers and encouragers.

    Thanks for your review, dear Pam! Speaking of thoughtful writers and encouragers … that’d be you, friend …

  2. This sounds like such a meaningful book. I’ve seen it pop up around different blogs this week and it makes me want to read it even more. Thanks for sharing your view on it, Pam!

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