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In our family the rhythms of our lives are in the midst of change again. Change is always a part of life, but some changes alter more of the tempos and cadences we are accustomed to. When that happens it leaves us feeling a bit “at sea”, a bit unsettled until the new rhythms begin and repeat with regularity.


Our three oldest grandchildren have produced the shift this time. As a result, their families (and even we) are feeling the movement. None of the changes caught us off-guard, but gaining a steadying balance is still needed. Each of these grandchildren is PPP 024entering a new season, a new environment. Because they will walk through this one outside of home base it makes the ebb and flow of the rhythm less settling.


Our oldest granddaughter begins her life as a nurse. She has completed her BSN and then passed her NCLEX. In a few days she will begin a nurse residency program. Then in a month she will move into a condo on her own for the very first time. It’s an exciting time for her and we all look forward to see what will unfold in this new chapter. It’s time and yet the dailyness of her life will not be something her parents get to observe from the front row seats.


Her brother, our middle grandson, will leave for his freshman year of college in three weeks. We have celebrated him as well as he takes this next important step into adulthood and prepares for his future. We wonder how the Lord will work in this tender hearted young man’s life as he enters this new phase of his life. It is time and he is ready, but for his parents the rhythm of their days will shift. They will rejoice in this season of launching and yet feel pangs of missing the sounds and sights of both young adult children on a daily basis.


Thousands of miles away our oldest grandson, a college junior, is stepping into a different culture with a different tempo as he begins a semester abroad in Chile. He has wanted to do this for more than a few years. This opportunity excites him as he one day hopes to pursue some medical missions trips as a physician to other parts of the world. When we spoke to him before he left, he shared the excitement as well as the sadness of leaving the family he loves. For his siblings and parents, the shift while expected and planned for, can feel seismic.


PPP 013A new tempo, a new rhythm will begin in each place and each home and will become familiar, but for now it is not yet here. It seems as if life at present is in the “in between”.


Life in the “in between” strikes me as something we should be more accustomed to than we often feel.


You see, as believers in Christ, we are living life in the “in between” in many ways now. We are in the process of transformation, the molding of our character, and the altering of our thought processes to align more with the truth of the Gospel. We live in a topsy-turvy, chaotic, sin-riddled world where fewer things make sense every day. We are also living with the anticipation of the Lord’s return. We are “at home” here and yet “not home”. We are in the “in between”.


I think living life in the “in between” is something Christ experienced as well when He walked the earth. He experiences it now as He waits for the Father to send Him for us.


The “in between” shift is an assignment time, a learning time, a testing time, and a preparation for what is next. For however unsteady or unfamiliar the new rhythm may first feel, if our eyes remain steadily on Him the change will not upend us.


The Lord invites us to the “in between” because it is there we come to know Him and ourselves better.


Forest, Walland, TN


11 thoughts on “The In Between

  1. How exciting for you grand children! I remember when my oldest moved out, and although I thought I was ready, there was definitely an uneasiness in my heart for awhile, until God steadied it. The in-between is a new rhythm to get acquainted with for sure, and thankfully we can trust Him that He is moving the tune toward a perfect pitch.

  2. Oh, goodness, here we are, Pam — standing together in the in-between, braced for the changes and trusting God to keep us flexible and thankful. So grateful that we are doing this in community!

    1. Ah, yes, as I clicked “publish”, I honestly wondered if you would read this today and thought of how much this season is upon you. I am toying with a sequel for Monday. We’ll see what the Lord says😊 Community is precious indeed!

      1. I think there’s so much to be said about transition — and all of us are just working our way through it by the light God provides. Any words you invest in examining your own process will surely be helpful to all of us!

  3. Enjoyed your thoughts today, Pam. How encouraging to remember that Jesus can identify with us in all of our feelings and emotions, especially the “in between” moments. Praying that all these transitions work according to God’s will in the lives of your loved ones. Have a blessed week!

  4. At 6 and 8, I often dream about the men that my little boys will become. Who they’ll love…how they’ll work…where they’ll live. Each new stage brings both challenges and joy in the same. It’s so true, the in between can be uncertain. Really uncomfortable, and yet, necessary to remind me of Who is ultimately in charge. 🙂 Blessings today Pam!

    1. Well said, Megan! It reminds me to plan for the next season while taking time to savor and be present in the current one. Our children (AND grandchildren) truly grow up in the blink of an eye. We do much to prepare them for adult life and indeed our responsibility in the core of it is to prepare them on every level (spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally, relationally, and financially) to live without us (Ouch!). When we succeed, it is a bittersweet success for us as parents (or grandparents). Have a God-kissed day with those sweet boys of yours!

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