Weariness Versus Wonder

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Canadian Rockies, Alberta, Canada

The frenetic pace of most of our lives leaves us exhausted many days and when that pace continues routinely, a relentless weariness creeps in as an unwelcomed guest. The results can vary, but for me it usually means that I cease to have enthusiasm or interest in many of the things I normally love to do. I see everything in my day as another “to do” when my energy and interest level say, “do not”.


None of us plan on living at a harried pace. We tend to accept it as temporary initially, “some days are like that”, “some weeks are like that”, and soon it can become “some months are like that” or even “some years are like that”. The demands of this life keep nudging us to do more and if we can, we call it success. It is a subtle temptation, which gains credence by our culture’s narrow view of success. If we yield to the temptation, we can get caught in a cycle that is hard to stop.


We look forward to the weekend, summer, vacation, or the spring break to restore us and lift the weariness. Sometimes we gain relief only to resume the pace we were determined not to restart. Sometimes the pace of our time away from routine is no less busy. We are even more surprised if we are in the group who makes exercise, healthy eating, and good sleep habits a priority. How can we still be weary?


Perhaps we have forgotten that we are human beings versus human doings and have become so driven to “do” that we no longer know how to “be”. We have also lost sight of the wonder all around us that serves to remind us of our Creator. We get so caught up in mowing the grass, we fail to notice how it feels beneath our feet, the shade of green, the fragrance it emits when freshly cut, or the genius of photosynthesis. We see the spider and its web and fail to note the delicate lace design of the web shining with drops of dew in the morning.


In many ways, we cease to experience wonder about anything and yet it is wonder that really helps ease the weariness when we are on vacation or a true break from the daily grind. We sense it on the beach as the waves come crashing onto the sand. We feel it when the breeze tosses our hair as we stand at a newly discovered trailhead. We taste it when we bite into the first watermelon of summer or the first fresh tree-ripened peach of the season. We see it when we stand at the edge of a canyon watching the beauty and power of a cascading waterfall. We experience it when we cradle a baby in our arms. We delight in it when we take time to look up into the star-studded night sky.


Flight View
Flight View



It always points us to the wondrous Creator and realigns our perspective, refreshes our soul, quiets our spirit, and causes us to pause and take in the moment.


That’s the true cure for weariness, pausing to take in the moment, to discover the wonder all around us even when we are not on vacation.


If we will only open our eyes to see it!


Peyto Lake, Alberta, Canada
Peyto Lake, Alberta, Canada

12 thoughts on “Weariness Versus Wonder

  1. “We have forgotten that we are human beings versus human doings and have become so driven to “do” that we no longer know how to “be”. Powerful words, and really something for all of us to think about. Thanks for sharing this thought provoking post on Sunday’s Best. Have a great week-end.

  2. This, my friend, is a splendid post, a lovely offering, a needed reminder.

    Maybe one of your top 5?

    It’s so hard to pick and choose because you continue to feed my soul. I’m grateful …

  3. I love Peyto Lake. Hiking the Banff area is a place I cannot help but be in awe of God’s beauty. The days lately have been full, and I have a restlessness to be still, as ironic as that sounds! Yes, we certainly can be still where ever we are at as God’s wonders are everywhere.

    1. It has been a few years since we have been there and I look forward to seeing them again some year soon. (PS I mentioned you in a post Personal Reflections on Passion on April 19.)

    1. Thanks! The areas they we have visited they are included in these photos are some of our favorite places. I may share some posts with more of them in the next few weeks.

  4. Beautiful images Pam that accentuate your thoughts here. May we always take time to treasure the blessings and the wonder of the God we serve. Thank you for sharing this beautiful reminder. Have a fantastic weekend and may God richly bless you and yours.

    1. Thanks so much, Horace, for your encouragement and affirmation. I love to try to capture something of the beauty of creation with the photos I take. I hope you have a terrific weekend as well!

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