Catching Heat

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Abby Hart was a tough, seasoned detective, but even that could not eliminate the unsettling reality that the murders of her parents twenty-seven years ago had not been solved. One suspect had committed suicide and now a former police officer had confessed to the crime.


But something about the case did not add up for Abby. She begins to believe her hunch might be right when she visits an uncle, her father’s brother, in prison. He knew the relationship her parents had with the First Lady when they were back in high school and what he shares draws Abby into more and more certainty there is a connection.


Abby knew she needed to let this go. Periodically the case would haunt her, but after talking with her uncle she’s been assigned a cold case with Luke, a private investigator. It would take her to the area of California where a woman she had always suspected now lived as the state’s First Lady. She sees this as the opening to start checking up on this woman she is convinced is connected.


She knew she needed to stay focused on the cold case and she was grateful for the great team she was working with, but the temptation kept pulling her back to checking on leads about the First Lady any time she could. She knew what the Word said about vengeance and after she confided a bit to Luke about the murder of her parents, she heard from him that she needed to let go as well.


Things get complicated when the assigned cold case takes several twists and turns, but when an FBI agent asks her and Luke as well as her partner, Woody, to take a look at another cold case as a personal favor, the layers of the story start overlapping at the edges. Even so, Abby can’t leave the murder of her parents alone and as each case comes closer and closer to resolution and closing, Abby and Luke become aware of their attraction to each other.


The varied story lines keep the reader turning the pages as each case unfolds and secrets begin to be uncovered. Those secrets escalate and Luke becomes more and more concerned for Abby’s safety as he sees Abby distracted from her training and instincts that put her at risk. His concern aggravates Abby and creates tension in their working and personal relationship.


The author of Catching Heat, Janice Cantore, is a retired Long Beach, CA, police officer with twenty-two years of experience. This puts her in a perfect position to write suspense novels with twists and turns that keep the reader engrossed and inspired.


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