What Have You Hidden in Your Heart?



Our minds and hard drives can be cluttered with many things. Our hearts also can hold a myriad of emotions, beliefs, commitments, and convictions.


I think most of us have experienced the challenge of having our computers slow down as the memory gets overloaded. It happens with the cell phones we carry in our hands as well as every other electronic device. If we have done much work with electronics, we soon decide that when we need to purchase something new we want to purchase something with more memory (the most we can afford).


We marvel at all that can be stored in these devices that seem to get smaller every year, but we forget the most incredible storage of data and memory created or designed is the human brain.


I know you are likely thinking about how much you cannot recall no matter what your age, but the human brain is actually so complex that the exact amount of what can be contained is not measurable even though it must certainly be limited. What does science say about this most complex brain that our Creator designed and that exceeds any device created by man?


Some research now suggests that the human mind can hold as much as the entire Internet! One study found that each synapse in the brain could store an average of 4.7 bits; spread throughout the brain, that would be about 1 petabyte, the equivalent of 1,000 terabytes or 1,000,000,000,000,000 bytes. Other scientists suggest we have as much as 2.5 petabytes of memory storage.


So why do we forget things? It’s because it is not really about capacity. The reality is our storage process is slower than our experience of the world. Here’s an example. If we pretend we have an iPod with infinite storage, even if we could store every song ever written we would still need to buy and upload all that music and then pull up individual songs when we wanted to play them. But what if we wanted to have all that music and could load it? It would take us 2,000 years to play it all.


Think about this truth. It is impossible to quantify the amount of information in our brain because it consists of more information than we are consciously aware of.


We sometimes get a glimpse of that when someone we know has a stroke.


IMG_1748Our brains consist of more than facts and faces and measurable skills. They also contain functions like how to speak and move, how to feel and express emotions. We do all that with great efficiency. It only takes about the amount of energy needed to create a dim light from a light bulb. And we do all that while the average brain cell is inactive about 80 percent of the time.


“I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.”  Psa. 139:14 ESV


 I have been mulling over this information as a result of reading Virginia Prodan’s newly released book, Saving My Assassin, which I reviewed recently. (http://pamecrement.com/2016/05/23/saving-my-assassin).


What stood out over and over again was how many verses of scripture were memorized by the persecuted Christians of Romania under the repressive regime of Nicolae Ceausescu that ended in 1989. Bibles were forbidden. The time period preceded our easy access to a Bible in unlimited numbers of translations via apps on our electronic devices. The body of Christ was under persecution and the Word was essential to sustain them. So they hid the Word of God in their hearts where no one could steal it from them.


“I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.”  Psa. 119:11 ESV


David wrote those words. He “hid” the Word of God in his heart is how some translations read. David knew the value of scripture. He stored it, hid it, in his heart so that it would be available to him whenever he needed it. He valued it so highly that he was aware he might be robbed of it or lose it if it were something in a hard copy form, so he treasured it and placed it where no one could take it from him.


The Word doesn’t say David stored it in his memory. I think he knew what we know. Our memories can fail us.


Perhaps it said he placed it in his heart because he had so often read the Word that his heart had been molded by it so the impression remained embedded on his soul.


I confess that I do not have vast amounts of scripture memorized, but I have many verses that have been woven into the fabric of my heart and soul much as words of love letters from my husband have been carried there.


Many of us are blessed with great freedom to own as many Bibles as we wish and read them wherever we desire, but if that was lost to us for some reason, what has been hidden in our hearts?







11 thoughts on “What Have You Hidden in Your Heart?

  1. Wow! loved this. You got it right. The Lord knows this about us so well and that’s why it’s hidden in the heart. I was reading this morning about the Spirit of Truth. Jesus knew we would remember everything (even if we journal) so He sent the Holy Spirit to remind us. But He can’t retrieve what’s not there already. Thus hidden in the heart. We know nothing if we have no time with Jesus. Just a thought. Thank you again for joining us on The Loft.

    1. Thanks so much, Chris, for your affirming and kind comments. You are so right….He cannot retrieve what is not there. Always love stopping by The Loft!

  2. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit helps us with recall of all that we have hidden in our hearts (and minds). As I’ve heard many times, the Spirit can’t help us with recall if we never have put anything in there!

    Thanks for sharing at The Loft!

  3. So interesting! And convicting. I know my thoughts can be on trivial worries when instead I could be using my brain cells for a much higher purpose, as He designed. I’m not one to have verses memorized but know I can take the gift of an easily accessed bible(s) and start using it as more.

  4. I fear most of us are suffering information overload. And we don’t know it.

    Or we do, but we still indulge.

    And I’m guessing that all this time with our screens has seriously affected our connection with the Lord. For there’s only so much energy to go around, right?

    Just thinkin’ …

  5. Thank you for this challenge. The Truth of the Word is what protects me from error, and it needs to be a priority — which should be reflected in the way I schedule my day . . .
    I long to be like David in his love for the Word. So much of Psalm 119 speaks of that, and I’m trusting that good habits of reading and memorizing will mold my heart in the way you’ve described so well today, Pam.

  6. Wow!! This was so enlightening. I am awestruck. Ironically, I just wrote about the limits to our understanding. Loving the flip side and the encouragement to have the Word so near and dear Pam. The book also sounds incredible. Thank you so much for sharing all this! Will be sharing it : ) #WomenWithIntention

    1. Some of the information really blew me away. I thought, “Wow, God, how can anyone doubt you exist?” Thanks so much for your encouragement and sharing with me!

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