Who Do You Trust?


Edgar Bergen circa 1956 on Who Do You Trust?


When I was growing up one of the TV shows my parents often would watch was one called “Who Do You Trust?” It aired back in the late 1950’s for a brief time as a popular game show. The original host was Edgar Bergen, but he was later replaced by Johnny Carson.


Three couples would participate on the show. The host would interview them and then pose a question to the man and ask whether he trusted the woman to answer it accurately or whether he trusted himself to have the right answer.


Since the answer to the question was worth money and determined how long the couple would be able to play the game, it was crucial to think through who might be the one who knew the correct answer. This was made more difficult since the couples were not necessarily husband and wife.


It was fascinating to see the game unfold and how the person discerned who was the person who could be trusted to give the correct answer.


Even though it was simply a game, the truth is that the question seems to be far more commonplace today than it was when the show aired. Life seemed simpler back then or at least we believed it was. Hearing stories of deception would occur, but not at the speed of a text or a tweet.


Whether we are looking at labels in the grocery store or listening to ads on everything from cars and mortgages to cruise liners and automobiles or beyond, the flood of information often leaves us scratching our heads. I often hear the sentence, “You don’t know who to trust!” and in many instances that is true.


Lack of responsibility, reliability, and truth telling has resulted in most of us learning from experience to check out competitors before choosing a product or service. We have learned to get “second opinions” before accepting the first diagnosis or recommendation from medical personnel.


All this doubt creeps into our spiritual lives as well when Christian leaders express opinions or thoughts that appear contradictory with our understanding of scripture. Some are exposed after being caught in an indiscretion.


The enemy uses this context mightily to his advantage and our detriment.


He plants seeds of doubt about trustworthiness in the lives of some who have given us no reason to doubt them.


He can even cause us to doubt the Lord.


The prize is when he either convinces us we are totally trustworthy or totally untrustworthy in discerning the truth.


I think the key starting point is to look at the source of information, but even then we may not have all the information needed to be certain.


This has all gotten worse in recent months and shows no signs of improving. Why?


You guessed it! The political landscape of not only our nation, but every other nation on the earth seems to be tumbling into chaos. The result seems to include increasing conflict and division, fear and uncertainty, disheartenment and discouragement, and more.


Who do you trust?


Perhaps the message in all of this for those of us who are believers is to recognize that we are first and foremost citizens of another kingdom, a kingdom that supersedes all others past, present, and future. The “head” of that kingdom possesses all knowledge and wisdom, all power and authority, and is absolutely trustworthy while totally outside of our control.


His story in the Bible shows how He uses every nation to bring about His purposes and often to call His people back to Him. That isn’t always pretty. It is often not easy. Clearly His ways are often not ours and beyond our understanding.


The key question?


Do I trust Him?


As I have been considering this, my daily reading included Proverbs 16. The last verse of that chapter speaks volumes to this season of uncertainty.


In the ESV translation it reads as follows:


“The lot is cast into the lap, but its every decision is from the Lord.” Proverbs 16:33


 Of course, we are not really using lots these days to make our decisions even though we know it was common in the stories in the Bible. That caused me to look at a modern rendering of the same verse.


“Make your motions and cast your votes, but God has the final say.” Proverbs 16:33 The Message


Does that mean we adopt a “que sera, sera” response?


I don’t think so. I think we are still called to pray, to seek the Lord’s direction, to learn what we are able to learn.


But in the end, the answer to the question, “Who do you trust?” is not about any person, male or female.


The answer is whether or not I trust the One who knows everything including what may be secret or hidden from my view.


Who do I trust?


Rocky Mts., Alberta, Canada
Rocky Mts., Alberta, Canada







8 thoughts on “Who Do You Trust?

  1. Pam, I can easily fight discouragement when it comes to honesty and trust. You’re right, in products and politics it’s especially hard to know. So, I’ve turned off the news and turned up my prayer time and like you, I’m trusting more and fretting less. And above all I’m praying for His wisdom. Great post!

    1. Amen!! It can be difficult to hang on to the unseen Kingdom we are a part of and remember it is more certain than the one we can see. Love and blessing on you, my friend!

  2. Hi Pam! What ultimate joy to know that God’s will comes to be in spite of us at times. Yes, our political and economic and environmental landscape is littered and pockmarked. If I were to only believe in man, I would despair! I have to place my trust in the Lord because I know how darn flawed I am!

    Pray. Absolutely. Our connection with the Lord must stay open and willing to hear. God help us in all our troubles, and protect us on our way.

  3. It is hard to know who to trust. Such a relief that we know God is trustworthy and we can surrender it to him and ask him to help us.

  4. With so many contradicting opinions and views in our information over load society like you point out, it can be so hard to discern the truth. Even ‘truths’ about definitions such as success, how to handle money, who to marry etc. I pray to be wise, to be discerning. And to see Truth. It sure isn’t easy and I know I get it wrong, and may even frustrate others with my slowness in decision making or action when waiting upon Him. So your question, “Who do I trust?” is so important to not be swayed from His ways.

  5. Your gentle nudge to remember whose Kingdom we claim is well-placed right about now with all the political craziness assailing us, Pam.

    Thank you for this wisdom.

    Weekend’s joys to you, friend …

    1. I tiptoed into this one for what I think are all the right reasons. Thanks! Blessings on your weekend as well. I think spring has come back to NE Ohio again. We have sunshine and temps in the 70’s after several weekends of snow dustings!!

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