God’s Hush


IMG_1493This morning I awakened to a snow-covered world. I had a glimpse of it when I awakened briefly during the night and peeked out the window after noticing the light shining through the curtains and blinds.


As I pulled the blinds apart in the very early hours after midnight, the air was full of snowflakes that were already mounding up on trees and lawn. The air was so thick with snow that I could not see much beyond our own yard. It was little wonder this morning to discover the heavy wet snow was piled so high on the tree limbs and branches that they were nearly touching the ground.


The snow cushioned away every sound. No plows had come to our street. School had been canceled and children were nowhere in sight. No sounds of snow blowers broke the hush.


I could not help but smile as I savored the morning recalling so many other days such as this.


When our children were young and I was a stay-at-home mom, I loved the surprise of an unexpected day off from school. Because it was unexpected, I did not have plans made so it truly felt like a free day for them as well as me to enjoy one another unrushed.


During the years I was teaching, I loved the very early morning phone call letting me know the school day had been canceled. It was the kind of day that begged savoring, not rushing, and feeling released from perpetual “doing”.


Such days are meant for lingering in pajamas, sipping hot chocolate, lighting a fire in the fireplace, and savoring a favorite book I had not had time to read.


During the years after teaching, such days were not quite so much fun. The office was not closed as schools might be so the day began facing slippery roads, unpredictable traffic, and a late start with canceled appointments despite my efforts to make it to the office.


Today was not one of those days. Retirement means I can enjoy a “snow day” as I once did with my children. I need not leave our home and I can savor the gift of such a day once again.


Today was a day for cuddling in my cozy red leather chair with my Bible and journal and enjoying a steaming cup of butterscotch caramel tea. It was a day of enjoying the scent of candles that somehow seemed more fragrant on such a day.


I somehow think that in this busy world where we are far too often rushing from one thing to the next, God uses a snowy day to hush the world, to quiet the outdoors and the inner parts of us to give us rest as a surprise gift.


So today has been a savoring kind of day. It has been a day to not rush from my red leather chair, to make another cup of tea, and to enjoy the reflective words of other writers in the blogs waiting for me in my email inbox. It has been a day with time to write responses of encouragement as a result of their words, a day to write a note of encouragement to a granddaughter.


When my husband and I were considering where he might secure a job after his military active duty, there were a variety of options we could consider. In the end, we chose to return to the county in Ohio where we grew up. There were a list of reasons, but one that was very near the top was being able to enjoy all four seasons of the year.


Even though I have preferences for some seasons (fall), the variety and the discoveries that each holds is something we both enjoy. Our weather is not so extreme in any season to make it miserably hot or cold, too snowy or rainy, or too dry.


I think on days such as this, God hushes the world so we can rest and also can hear Him better. He doesn’t shout when He speaks and only when we quiet ourselves in quiet places can we hear His gentle whispers to our hearts and spirits. Sometimes He uses snowy days to invite us to come closer to Him and listen to what He wants to share with us.


Yes, I love the expectation of spring just a few months ahead as well as the activities, sounds, and smells of summer. Fall never fails to delight all of my senses and I always wish it would linger a bit longer, but there is something very special about a “snow day”.


God hushes the world on snowy days. He also brings to mind scripture that speaks of snow.


“Come now, let us reason together,” says the LORD. “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.” NIV










18 thoughts on “God’s Hush

  1. Your picture is lovely. And you’ve painted a serene yet lively day with God during a time when your near-by is blanketed in snow. It’s interesting on how a ‘slow day’ can be feel also so productive. But God’s way are different (yet perfect) than our ways and He teaches me that constantly!

    1. Lots of folks have had that kind of winter. Ours in Ohio has been comparatively mild and drier. We have had half the amount of snow as usual and warmer temps except for a few days scattered here and there. Thanks for stopping by and your affirmation!

  2. Pam, your world/life sounds like an echo of mine! As I write this, hubs and I are on a road trip with no agenda! Heading to Florida to visit friends and family – at this very moment I am sitting in a hotel room on Hilton Head Island as he is four miles away in a business meeting – being an introvert I am savoring my time in a quiet hotel room with our dog, Sam, a laptop, and (I wish) a cuppa of the tea you mentioned!!! Beautiful post. We awoke in our own Narnia wonderland yesterday morning at home!

    1. Yeah for us!! 😊 Ah, yes, my sweet hubby is an introvert and I know his delight in not being bombarded. I am an extrovert, but not a raving one!! Since retirement the less dominant introverted side has been delighting in lingering alone times after years and years of non-stop going! If you go by a Harry & David’s, that is where our daughter bought the tea. Thanks for your encouragement and the chat! Safe travels to you! We head to Indy next week to see our middle grandson in a regional basketball tournament. Have a delicious day❤️

  3. Beautiful post Pam! I was drawn in by the beautiful picture that I lingered over.

    Your descriptions of the “seasons of snow days” were heartwarming and brought to remembrance my own snow day memories.

    Thanks so much for sharing. It was such a treat to visit here today and be reminded of the still small voice of our God and the beauty of a snow day to slow us down to hear Him…

  4. Hi Pam! I can just see you peeking out of the window at midnight. I would do the same thing. That snow came down here yesterday afternoon, and it brought a smile to my face. I remember I thanked God for the beautiful gift.
    Your tea sounds AMAZING! I bet it smells great too. And I so agree with the silence. I think we all crave it for a reason. Jesus craves it too, so He can talk to us!
    Wishing you many fun snow dates with God 🙂

  5. Snow is beautiful, from your window 🙂
    In Finland snow days are normal days. We would get day off if it was under -45 C. Can’t remember it ever happening to me but in Northern Finland they get a day or two every decade.
    There might have been five foot of snow of more but we were at school and everything was working.
    Now I live in Ecuador and enjoy my snowless life. I especially enjoy the lack of cold, freezing weather.
    But I can see the attraction in a surprise free day. In Ecuador we have flood days, or mudslide days, or volcano eruption days (not very frequently which is good but still from time to time). I know I’ve enjoyed (with guilt) the surprise free day, staying home and not having to work.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing! That is quite a contrast from Finland to Ecuador! I confess I am curious as to how or why you made such a big transition. So glad you shared. I have noticed that Ecuador shows up on my map, but now I have a pic of who might be reading my post from there. Blessings on you! I so enjoyed hearing from you!

  6. For the first time in our lives we live in a place that experiences long and intense winters. I have not appreciated up till now what beauty and quiet the snow can bring!

    1. That’s is super! I am well aware there can be some negative things about long snowy days, but they also provide a gift that we too often overlook. The Lord surely uses them to slow us down.

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