Only a Reflection of Him

FullSizeRenderGod has limitless ways to reach our hearts and resources beyond measure to show us who He is. He loves us that much and He simply doesn’t want us to miss Him, His love, or the truth.

He beckons to us in rustling leaves and birdsong as well as through wildflowers planted by Him along roadside and woodland paths. He startles us through His lightening and thunder. He lights the darkness with the starry expanse of the moonlit heavens and warms our days with the sun. He steals our hearts in the wonder of the babies we hold in our arms and wraps us in His comfort as we hold the hand of that special one as he or she slips home to be with Him.

But those are only the beginning of His efforts to reach us.

He speaks as well in the moments when we are finally quiet enough to hear Him whispering to our hearts as well as through His Word. He points us to Him through music both grand and simple. He touches us through the grace and generosity of a friend over coffee or around a table rich in conversation.

He reassures us through the consistent passing of seasons and He inspires us by messages from Spirit-filled preachers. He arouses us in wonder as we stare at mountain ranges or observe the patterns of a spider web or snowflake.

In recent weeks, He has stirred me by the beauty of His sunsets. On more than one evening, the palette of violet, blue, orange, and rosy shades has captivated my vision and heart. I recently shared with a friend that I have certainly seen many sunsets in my lifetime, but I cannot recall so many that were as stunning as these recent ones. Just before dark, the light has been so brilliant that it has radiated through the clouds causing my heart to fill with praise as I have been reminded once again of Him. And I have wondered as well if there is more He would have us see in these seemingly unusual displays of His glory.

I cannot say at this moment. I only know He has been drawing my eyes heavenward in the evening and He has seemed closer to me in those moments. They have caused me to want to lean in and not miss one moment, one detail, and one word or whisper.

For all of these evidences in creation, Anne Graham Lotz reminded me recently, “God is separate from His creation. Creation is a reflection of Him.” Even in creation, He cannot be fully captured because He is greater than His creation and yet so often He uses it to awaken our dull eyes and ears to Him.

For thousands of years and millions of moments, He has been communicating through creation, inviting us to know Him, to love Him, and to be assured of His presence in wonderful moments, tragic times, and ordinary days as well.

Never does He cease to reach out to us whether in a manger in Bethlehem, a cross at Calvary, or a moment in His creation. The question is more whether we respond and reach up to Him.

If we marvel at His creation as well we should, should we not marvel even more at what He must be like if all we see in creation is simply a reflection of Him?

His glory is so great even creation cannot contain it.

So, I watch the sunset in awe while I worship the One it reflects.


5 thoughts on “Only a Reflection of Him

  1. So nicely worded Mom and thought through! I’ve actually had a similar observation as of late, but it has been of numerous sun rises. Seeing the sky change and unfold at the end of a morning run, that’s begun in the dark with a flashlight has been a marvelous sight to behold. Colors at the edge of darkness… Love you!

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