Many of us come into relationship with the Lord eager to begin our new walk with Him as receivers of grace and mercy for all the mistakes and wounds of the past. Too often, despite all we read in the Bible and glean from workshops and sermons, our own emotional health or lack therein remains stuck “back there” with triggers that rear their heads in many if not all of our relationships.
51lJ5fFIF4L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_We can feel defeated and question whether we really do have Jesus within us bringing new life.

The good news is that He is there and now can truly help each of us face those things we could not face without Him and bring healing to them in ways we did not know was possible.

In Peace for a Lifetime, Lisa Murray, takes you on a journey toward peace by making peace with yourself and the wounds you still carry and moving forward to a place of gaining what she identifies as Emotional Abundance (EA).

The journey through the book should not to be rushed. Lisa guides you through three sections of the book and in each chapter she includes questions to allow you to dig deeper and apply the truths she shares in the chapter.

As Lisa shares in the Introduction, “We will only be as spiritually healthy as we are emotionally healthy, yet most of us have never been properly equipped to recognize and pursue emotional abundance.” In the process of gaining emotional abundance, the goal is not to gain peace as a feeling, but peace as a way of life.

Lisa begins by helping you to lay a good foundation and fortify it through making peace with God because He is the cornerstone of the journey. She will guide you through recalibrating your emotional compass, discovering the purpose of “unpeace” and learning to embrace solitude.

As you move into the second phase of the book relating to peace within, Lisa will help you discover what healthy self-nurture looks like. You’ll learn its purpose as you gain healing from past emotional wounds and clarify your identity and develop authenticity.

Finally, you will look at how to develop peace with others looking at healthy communication, boundaries, and the challenges of forgiveness.

Perhaps you have already journeyed toward peace as a way of life. If so, this book will affirm and review many things you have already learned. If you have not risked such a journey, this book will help you begin this pilgrimage through Lisa’s own journey and her skills as a Christian Marriage and Family Therapist.


Lisa Murray and LMS Enterprises provided this book for me as a member of the launch team for Peace for a Lifetime.