Pam_Headshot2x2CoverFrom my earliest memories, words and how they can create meanings, emotions, ideas, and illuminate stories, have filled my head. The opportunity to explore and try those out came when I worked as a “stringer” for a local newspaper where I earned a few cents per column inch and a dollar for any accompanying photo. Writing was a joy and learning to take photos with the Polaroid camera piqued my interest in photography and how it could add to a story or help me discover a new story.

I earned little, but I enjoyed every moment. Then life took me in different directions as a wife raising my two children and ultimately becoming a grandmother of six amazing individuals.

During that journey, I spent time leading women’s ministries, teaching elementary and junior high special education students, teaming with my husband doing weekends for National Marriage Encounter, and going to graduate school. That graduate school education moved me into another season on the journey as I became a Licensed Professional Supervising Clinical Counselor and Independent Marriage and Family Therapist working first in a private practice for eight years and then on the staff of my church for an additional thirteen years.

In June 2014, I retired from all the jobs that had filled my days and once again the stirring inside to return to writing grew louder. Now I have the time to begin writing again and expand my love of photography.

It is a new season of discovery!  I hope you will join me and be encouraged to give room in your life to develop that passion within you that you may have set aside for a long time and feared risking to explore.


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  1. You have read excerpts of things you have written of things you read to me and it has always been very encouraging and at times captured me so that I felt or wished that I was actually in the story.

  2. At last.
    Your writing has encouraged me for many years. You so flow beautifully in your stories as conversation to us. They remind me to enjoy this lovely present of life. I suppose I don’t mind sharing you with the rest of the world, LoL. Pastor Pam thank you.

  3. The prettiest picture is the one of you on the “About” page. Thank you, Pastor Pam, for allowing Our God to use you to quiet me through your words and photography. I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree. I love your Dogwood. Love, Sister Betty.

  4. What an amazing blog. I love the name you chose and the pics are beautiful. congratulations for pursuing the stirring in your heart. very impressive.

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