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Jesus was the master storyteller.


His ministry on earth was filled with stories. These stories used the people He met and touched to show us who He was and to point to the Father. He knew that He could have given a sermon or listed the facts to point to the truth he came to share, but He knew it would be a story that we would remember and teach us more powerfully than just facts or a theological treatise.


If we look at the Bible, we will discover stories about Him from Genesis to Revelation that show us truth, grace, mercy, and his pursuing love for us, his fallen creation. They echo in hearts long after our recollection of what book, chapter, or verse they appear in.


I am also persuaded that He wants us to know our stories are significant.


No matter who we are or what life we have lived, He has been the author of the story we are living and He alone knows the ending and his purposes for its design. Often we do not recognize that in our own story, but others around us see our story unfold and get glimpses we may miss. Those stories become the words of our testimony that He intends to use to honor and glorify Him and overcome all the devices of the enemy meant to distort and dissuade us from believing in Him, seeing Him, or trusting Him.


I want to invite you to read another story in my first book, Bring Me A Vision. The story will introduce you to a woman named Becky whose life was marred and broken from emotional neglect and repeated abuse, but the story doesn’t end there. When things seem as if they cannot get any worse and she comes to the end of herself, she calls a Christian counseling office on the recommendation of a friend.


There she will meet a woman she sees as quite unlike herself, but whose own life was once marred and broken. Even though it was not the counselor she had asked to see, it will be through that relationship she will meet the Lord and be transformed by His love. It will not be easy, quick, or neat as we all wish these things to go, but the author of her story placed this particular counselor in her life to show her his pursuing love and then walk with her into wholeness.


It is a story of redeeming hope, a story of transformation through relationship, a story that only the Lord could have imagined. It’s a story of vision.


The first vision is that of the counselor who sees beyond the brokenness in Becky’s life IMG_2667and senses the Lord’s great love for her. But as you read there will be other visions that unfold and lead to the founding of Rahab Ministries that reaches out and lifts up women and teens whose lives have been shattered through abuse and sexual trafficking. There will also be a vision for this book to share the story.


“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”  Jonathan Swift


It may seem to be Becky’s story or sometimes a story of the two of us, but it is really God’s story played out in the lives of ordinary women chosen by an extraordinary God.


Bring Me A Vision has a message for each reader no matter where you are in your life’s journey. I hope He will show you more of his vision for your own story and encourage you to step outside the box and catch a glimpse of the wonder He wants you to discover. I hope it will cause you to see nothing is impossible with Him. But most of all I hope it will help you sense his enduring, pursuing, endless love and cause you to be an extension of that love, grace, mercy, and truth to others. May you never see anyone as beyond the reach of that grace as you seek first to listen to the story of the broken and allow the Lord to show you what He sees. Let Him invite you to set aside religious words you may know well so you can become a vessel of that pursuing love to those He brings into your life


The profits from the sale of the book will go to Rahab Ministries in Akron, Ohio, and can only be purchased at the Resources  tab on my website: unless you live near me and can get a book directly from Becky or me.


Catch a fresh vision of Jesus in Bring Me A Vision.



24 thoughts on “Bring Me A Vision

  1. Pam, Congratulations on your first book! I love your thoughts on story and it sounds like your book has a story worth telling! Stories of redemption and love are amongst my favorite. Blessings…

    1. Thanks, Sandra! So excited to see what the Lord does with this after almost 3 years and more than a few obstacles. Hope you will read it💕

  2. I am currently on page 77 of the book, Pam, and loving it! Thanks for sharing Becky’s story with us. I’m anticipating what will happen next… I hope to get to read more this weekend.

    1. Thank you, Lisa! That blesses me!! Looking forward to your review when you are finished💕

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