A Story Worth Telling: Rahab Revisited




A few days ago I was honored to feature Debbie Wilson’s post entitled When Little is Big Enough giving you a glimpse of Rahab, one of the women in the genealogy of Christ that is the theme of her new book, Little Women, Big God.


The story of Rahab is a great story tucked back in the Old Testament and transitioning into the New Testament when we see Rahab listed in the genealogy of Christ.


I want to share with you a modern story of Rahab that is also well worth telling.


Over the course of my lifetime, the Lord has brought many people into my life. The intersections with these other relationships have often been far more significant than I could have known at the outset. Some of them have brought an impact on my life and I on the other person’s life that only God could have designed. It would be a little like seeing a pebble dropped in a lake and watching as the ripples flowed successively out, far from where the pebble entered the water.


I cannot recall the year that I met Becky, but I think it will soon be twenty years ago. Both of our lives were in different seasons then, but the Lord had a plan and a purpose. She has shared the story publicly on more than a few occasions and I will not try to tell her story, but I want to share a part of the story.


All of us can have difficulty seeing our value for any number of reasons. The enemy jumps on the bandwagon and soon the music he plays becomes our theme song. Even as believers, we can doubt the truth of who we are. I know. It was true for me until someone showed me something different.


That truth shared with me was so powerful, I wanted everyone to know it. And so it was that one day, I had the opportunity to share with Becky about “the treasure in the earthen vessel”. On that day, the Lord allowed the truth of that passage to permeate into her heart differently and powerfully.


Let me jump ahead to how the Lord used that moment in time.


Becky had become a part of my church and was sorting out what ministry might be a fit for her. One day in my office she shared that none of them really seemed to fit. My exact words that day went something like this: “Bring me a vision”.


Some time later, she called me to let me know she had found it. While listening to an interview about a ministry that reached out to women trapped in prostitution in Chicago, she felt a stir in her heart to create a similar outreach. She went to Chicago to learn more about it and felt a sure sense from the Lord this was the area of ministry that He was calling her to.


Becky had a passion to share with those broken by past and current abuse of all types that despite the condition of the vessel, Jesus loved them and wanted to dwell within them.


Little by little she researched the city where she lived talking with police, judges, and others to learn where in the city prostitution was most active. She began to walk those streets late at night on the weekend with a few other inspired volunteers to reach out to these broken women.


God was indeed in this call and ministry as it grew in scope and reputation. Becky could be found not only on the streets, but also in jails and courtrooms. But there was more. Becky had a vision for helping these women get off the streets, to find grace and mercy, safety and hope for a different life and healing.


In time, her non-profit, Rahab-Ministries, was able to purchase a home that was aptly called the “Rahab House”. It was located in a neighborhood not far from where many of these women lived. The small home was lovingly refurbished and became a safe place where these women could come. Two of the outreaches from this site included Bible study and what was and is known as “Soup and Shop” where these women can enjoy soup and ‘shop’ (no money required) for donated clothing they need.


I am sure you will not be surprised that the Lord looked on this unique ministry and blessed it.


The sad reality is that many churches in the body of Christ are naïve about how a woman gets involved and trapped in prostitution. They don’t go out and choose this as a way of life. Most are trafficked at a very young age.


Too many believe this sort of human sex trafficking happens only in other places in the world, third world countries. The truth is far different. It is happening in most every city in this country and although more Christians know about it than might have been true when Becky started this ministry in 2002, most still do not and far too many have little desire to reach out to love these women and the children they often have with them.


Too often members of the body also do not grasp what “help” looks like. It is not about looking down on these women with pity nor is it donating a little time or clothing that can make us feel good about ourselves.


It is about coming alongside these women, one at a time, being Christ to them by loving, caring, not judging, and offering hope as well as someone to journey with them on the long path to freedom and wholeness.


In addition to Rahab House, Becky’s ministry has been able to build a “Safe House” for adult women to live where they are secure and hidden from those who would seek to keep them ensnared. The staff there provides loving, consistent structure, and development of skills and tools they need to one day be able to live successfully on their own.


A thriving mentoring program also reaches out to girls under the age of 18 who have been trafficked with a vision to soon build a residence specifically designed for them as well.


Becky would probably tell you that the Lord used me to change her life, but He used Becky to also change mine. The story continues and our hearts are bonded in a unique way unequaled by any other relationship.


I have attached a link to a video that gives you more of a glimpse of this modern story of Rahab. Please take time to watch it.




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  1. Good afternoon. Just wanted to let you know you’ll be featured on tomorrow’s Party at My Place. Congratulations! Remember to bring your oldies but goodies posts if you wish.

  2. Hi Pam! Wow. This is amazing work, and what a great testimony to listening to the words of the Spirit in prayer, and then following it. (Loved to see you on the video, btw! Feels like I met you 🙂 )
    There are many websites that are trying to bring the Human Trafficking problem front and center in our culture, and I think it’s true that many believe that it happens ‘somewhere else’.
    May God continue to bless this Rahab Ministry, and help many women to escape their horrible conditions.
    Blessings to you!

    1. I simply could not resist telling the story of what the Lord has done after the great guest post by Debbie Wilson on Rahab. About the feeling of meeting me….someone else said that also. Yikes!! So much appreciate you taking time to read, watch, and respond, my friend!

  3. Beautiful story, but I’m greatly saddened by the lack of diversity of women in the video. Human trafficking crosses all nationalities. I hope the Rahab House is full of various cultures and nationalities.

    1. Thanks, Adrienne! YES, the new Safe House includes many cultures as does Rahab House, but they cannot be included in a film that puts them at risk by being identified.

  4. Hello, I truly enjoyed reading this story. Thank you so much for sharing. Blessings.

  5. Oh, Pam … I loved meeting you face to face today! What a treat. And all that you’ve shared we need to hear.

    And this is too true –>’The enemy jumps on the bandwagon and soon the music he plays becomes our theme song.’

    Rahab House stomps that song into the dust where it belongs.

    Blessings to you all …

    1. Hi, my friend! I didn’t even think about that. Yikes!! I was so excited to tell the story and share about Becky and what the Lord has done and is doing through her.

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