The commitment begins, a commitment to risk discovering if the spark within me that has never died is to be stirred into a flame to help others find their way, take their own risks.

Discovery is the name of the journey. I follow what seems like a reverberating whisper that I have heard since childhood and long ignored. Perhaps it is as Margaret Feinberg would describe a “sacred echo” to a destination I have yet to discover.

How foolish we are to perceive we truly know ourselves no matter what our age! The notion belies the reality of divine creation and our capacity to grasp the smallest nuances involved in the process.  We are created in His likeness and how much can we truly comprehend of Him?

So, discovery begins by setting aside all that I think I know of myself and allowing the journey to reveal the truth. It requires humility and pushing past the fear that has halted every attempt to begin the journey. Today is but a step on this quest, but it is a step nonetheless and one my heart cannot fail to risk.

The length of the journey is uncertain, but at long last time is there to make it and there can be no more excuses, childish excuses must be set aside once and for all.

Companions are those who have made similar journeys, tuned into persisting whispers or sacred echoes, and discovered courage and learned to see with a new lens and catch whispers of new echoes. 

3 thoughts on “Possibilities

  1. Even as I wait for the microwave to ding I look around me to see what I can be “doing” rather than just “being”. Thanks for the “one thing” ……. again

  2. Your blog site is so beautiful and I am so proud of you.

    Sacred echoes when I first read read the phrase really resonated with me. The phrase reminds me so much of the words God is speaking into the hearts of His children right now to stretch out on Him and to do what seems to us as impossible. God has known all along we can do it. When God begins to speak to our heart about doing something new, we have to see with a new lens, otherwise it will be difficult to move forward into the new and exciting adventures God is inviting us into.

    I am looking forward to reading more of your blog posts!

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